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Find out more about our past apprentices and what they are getting up to now. If you are interested in employing a Streetscape graduate, call 0203 542 3464, or email You can also find more information here.

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Daniel Clifton – Streetscape Graduate 2015-16

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I started my apprenticeship with Streetscape in February 2015. Before Streetscape I was working for a private landscaping company as a labourer. I was doing this for 3 years and had learnt a lot but had no qualifications or any real skill set. I took the apprenticeship at Streetscape because I believe I can get the skills I need to push myself forward in my career. I’m most looking forward to learning about plants as I have no knowledge of their Latin names, nor have much soft landscaping experience. I’m most interested in hard landscaping but want to be an all rounded landscape gardener with skills both in hard and soft.


John Rolfe – Streetscape Graduate 2015-16

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Jarred Clarke – Streetscape Graduate 2015-16

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Simeon Dunford

Simeon Dunford – Streetscape Graduate 2014-2015

Hi I’m Simeon. I’ve been an apprentice at Streetscape for 4 months, nearly 5, and I am really enjoying it insofar. I have been able to bolster my skills by the training provided. Before coming to Streetscape, I was involved with Hampton Court where the garden I was working on was awarded a Silver-gilt medal.


Cheyenne Eastwood – Streetscape Graduate 2014 – 2015

Hello, my name is Cheyenne, and I started my Streetscape apprenticeship in February 2014. I’ve always known that I wanted to do something hands on, practical and artistic. Before I came to Streetscape, I completed a short horticulture course which got me into thinking about garden design. This is the same short course that got me in touch with Streetscape, and put me on one of their recruitment days to apply for their apprenticeship… the rest, as they say, is history! Working with Streetscape is amazing. Each and every member of the team is very friendly and down to earth; the atmosphere is comfortable and great to work in. I enjoy and cherish every moment working with Streetscape as I have learnt a lot, and will continue to do so.


Thomas Lowe, Streetscape Graduate 2014-15

Hi I’m Tom. I started my apprenticeship in November 2013, and graduated in November 2014. I found Streetscape to be an awesome place to work. Before I started I had been unemployed for quite a while, I was on a horticultural course but was unsure if it would lead to anything real. Thankfully it led me to a recruitment day with Streetscape, and straight away I knew I wanted to work for the company. At Streetscape, I had learnt lots of new skills and made good friends. I’m on my way to becoming a landscaper and I have Streetscape to thank.

Contact if you would like to see my CV and visit the ‘Employ an apprentice’ page for further information.


Eli Jamois, Streetscape Graduate 2014-15

Hi, I’m Eli. I started my Streetscape  apprenticeship in September 2013. Before Streetscape, I studied Arboriculture and Forestry at  Capel Manor. I was  then unemployed for quite a while, and came across Streetscape whilst doing the Spear course. I jumped at the opportunity as I have always enjoyed gardening as a hobby and it made sense to turn it into a full time career. In my spare time I like nothing better than to grow fruit and vegetables at my allotment, playing rugby and keeping fit.

Contact if you would like to see my CV and visit the ‘Employ an apprentice’ page for further information.


Medi Belezika – Streetscape Apprentice 2014

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Richard Cresswell, Streetscape Graduate 2013-14

Hi, I am Richard. I started at Streetscape in March 2013, and graduated in the following year. Before Streetscape I studied carpentry and joinery at level 1 and 2, earning a distinction in both.  When I finished college I was unemployed for a bit, looking for outdoor work where I could use my skills. I finished a course at Spear – this is how I came across Streetscape, where I was given a great opportunity at an apprenticeship, involving my wood working skills and developing my interest in gardening. I was apprenticed to Keith.

Contact if you would like to see my CV and visit the ‘Employ an apprentice’ page for further information.

Having completed his apprenticeship with Streetscape, Richard is now in work as a landscaper for Garden Sage.


Alga Lutondo, Streetscape Apprentice 2013

The apprenticeship gave me an opportunity to learn about nature, which is my great passion. For me, Streetscape gave me the opportunity to not only know how to grow plants but also how to maintain them. I enjoyed mostly carpentry and looking after plants, eg. planting and pruning. My hobbies are: long walks in London parks, reading science fiction books, going to the gym and keeping fit.

Having completed three months of his apprenticeship with Streetscape, Alga is now working as an administrator within a London based hotel and regularly talks at Streetscape events.

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“We are delighted to be able to sponsor the Streetscape team in this ambitious and worthwhile venture. Offering disadvantaged individuals an opportunity to realise their own potential is something we are more than happy to support.”

William Salter, Managing Director, Paragon