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Employ a Streetscape apprentice

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Streetscape provide apprenticeships in landscape gardening to 18-25 year olds who are long-term unemployed, helping them to build the skills, experience and attributes they need to fulfill their dreams and move into and retain work: growing lives, transforming landscapes.

We offer this service to many businesses, including: Scotscape, Piers Beeching Gardens, Which Plant Where, Sage Gardens and Landscapes and Alan Cooper Landscapes and we are always looking for more employers within the horticulture industry to get on board and support Streetscape to:

  • Provide work experience opportunities to our apprentices to further their learning throughout their year with us
  • Provide employment options and/ or sponsor an apprentice through Streetscape
  • Advise us on how to improve the training we provide to better suit the needs of the industry.

With your help we can introduce more young people to the industry and reduce the current skills shortage in horticulture.
For more information click here or to take advantage of this opportunity contact the team on or 020 3542 3464.

Client testimonials:

“Cheyenne was great to work with. She took my planting plan from the last job to study, so I know she is really keen to learn. This is brilliant – exactly what you want in an apprentice and landscaper.”
Alison Amos, Owner Which Plant Where

“Medi showed that he was making an effort in his role, asking question about the system, plants etc, he even brought in his RHS book to further himself”
Scotscape, Maintenance Team

“His willingness to learn and general plant knowledge were very suited to becoming part of the team. Overall a really nice guy and great to have around. Bravo!”
Piers Beeching, Owner Piers Beeching Garden

“I find Tom very easy going, willing to learn and hard working which you need when landscaping. It’s not an easy job, when working to tight time frames and budgets. I hope Tom will go on to work in a large landscape company following his apprenticeship so he can gain greater knowledge. I know he will do well.”
Alan Cooper

“Streetscape is idealogical, motivational, inspirational and perspirational. Keep your eye on them, they’ll go far”

Angus White, Owner, Architectural Plants