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Streetscape was co-founded by Guy Watts and James Gubb.  James was Streetscape’s CEO for five years, with Guy serving both as Head of Business Development and one of Streetscape’s first landscape trainers (garden maintenance). Guy and James remain heavily involved, now both part of our trustee board. ‘Team Streetscape’ is led on the ground by the infinitely capable hands of Jay Osman.

We are driven by one, simple, overarching goal: that each and every long-term unemployed young person we provide an apprenticeship to then moves into, and retains work, following their time with us.

To us, this means four things:

  • Excellence. If we’re not providing the highest standards of landscaping or customer service, then we’re not training our apprentices properly. If we’re not providing the highest standards of apprenticeship, we’re not giving our apprentices the best chance to move on into employment.
  • A belief in people. That everyone has the potential to fulfill their dreams, think for themselves and move into employment, given the right opportunity. Our ethos is that ‘rules with relationships’ works.
  • A belief in the transformative effects of being in work. That work helps define us and give us a purpose in life and enables us to feel a part of society. We  strive always to create a positive workplace, where everyone feels valued and able to work to their strengths.
  • We are a social enterprise.We make surplus, not profit, to reinvest in our apprentices and the community in which we are based.

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“We are delighted to be able to sponsor the Streetscape team in this ambitious and worthwhile venture. Offering disadvantaged individuals an opportunity to realise their own potential is something we are more than happy to support.”

William Salter, Managing Director, Paragon