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We achieve the standards we do by working as a team. Read the profiles of our team members below – mugshots included! If you are interested in hiring a Streetscape apprentice either for work experience or employment, call 0203 542 3464, or email You can also find more information here.

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Peter Duignan, Senior Hard Landscape Team Leader and Trainer

Hi, I’m Peter. I joined Streetscape as Hard Landscape Team Leader and Trainer in June 2014. I have been involved in the landscape gardening/horticulture industry full­-time since 2001. Having worked in the industry in Ireland, in my early 20’s, I returned to study horticulture as a mature student at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin in 2005. Majoring in Landscape and Garden Management, I was awarded a ‘Pass with Distinction’ on completion of my degree in 2008. Since then I have spent time running my own business in Ireland as well as spending time working abroad in the USA and Australia.

At this stage in my career I feel I have reached a level of experience and expertise that has allowed me to take on this training role and excel at the job. I’m passionate about landscape gardening and have found it to be a very fulfilling and rewarding career. My aim at Streetscape is to help apprentices achieve their goals by sharing with them the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years.

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Sophie Wilson – Streetscape Apprentice

My name is Sophie, I am from Lewisham and am 23 years old. Sine being at Streetscape, I have discovered things about myself that I did not know I was capable of. That, for me, is the highlight of being here. It does that for all of use. There are so many roads you can go down in the world of Horticulture and Streetscape will hep me build the skills needed to explore them all. In this job, my artistic skills can also be utilised, e.g. arranging flower beds and understanding garden design. I look forward to building on that.

Janek Mniszko – Streetscape Apprentice

My name is Janek and I joined Streetscape in December 2015. The apprenticeship has given me an opportunity to learn a big variety of skills in building gardens, and I have gained a lot of knowledge of plants and horticulture. Thanks to what Streetscape offer, I now have a driving license and am looking at further training which they are funding. This will help me develop my future career in landscaping.

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Themi Neza – Streetscape Apprentice

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Rossana Porta – Maintenance Team Leader & Trainer

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Brent White – Streetscape apprentice

Hi I’m Brent and I started Streetscape in July 2015. For me landscaping and gardening has always been a dream; it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was young. I’ve tried so many different ways of getting into the trade but none have ever really paid off. I received my NVQ Level 1 in 2010 but then I hit a dead end. Then I found Streetscape and was over the moon. Since being accepted on to the apprenticeship, I have felt nothing but accepted by the team. They’ve helped build my confidence and my skills and I’m more then grateful to have been given the chance to show what I’m made of.


Edward Beattie – Streetscape Apprentice

Hey, I’m Ed and I started my apprenticeship with Streetscape in January 2016. I’ve always loved working outside and being in nature. For the last few years I’ve worked for a couple of different soft landscaping companies including working on and off with my dad where I found my passion to work along side nature! I joined Streetscape because I really want to hone my skills and get the knowledge I need to move forward with my horticultural career and end up running my own business. Streetscape offer everything I need and more. Over the next year I’m looking forward to gaining confidence in life and in work, plant knowledge and the skills I need to be successful in the horticultural world.

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Minca Lodge – Streetscape Apprentice

Hi, I’m Minca. I’m 20 years old from South London. I found Streetscape online when I was looking for a plant course as I want to open my own florist shop one day. Streetscape have really grounded my desire to want to work in this industry. The team is great and we always have a laugh as well as work hard (obviously!). They have helped me learn many new skills, that I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Adam George – Hard Landscape Team Leader & Trainer

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Jack Bennett – Streetscape Apprentice

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We couldn’t do what we do without the support and guidance of our trustees.

They are:

Joanna Hand – The Chair of trustees.
Stephen Fishbourne – our very own big-hitting City lawyer.
Judy Oliver – the best when it comes to managing people.
Nigel Watts – the silver fox who keeps us firmly on our toes.
Angus Cunningham – Managing Director of Scotscape.

Nor would we be here without the valuable work and dedication of many others who have volunteered their time and expertise to make Streetscape a success. Read on about volunteering and our partners.

“If only all of our businesses were as organised and supportive as Streetscape!”

Daniel Rosen, Business Development Consultant, KEITS