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Guy Watts, Co-founder & Trustee

I’ve been a keen gardener pretty much all my life. Post-university, I spent four years working at one of Europe’s most prestigious plant nurseries, Architectural Plants. It became clear to me there was a real lack of new and enthusiastic talent entering the horticulture industry; and a real opportunity for young people, eager to learn a trade, to gain employment. As a trustee I work on a consultancy basis for Streetscape and am passionate about sharing my love for gardening with our apprentices, and getting in the business and funding that makes Streetscape tick. Guy returned back to Architectural Plants in 2015 as their Commercial Director, focused on growing the Sussex based nursery and Planting team. Guy has also been a BALI South Thames Regional Committee member since February 2014.

Also a bit of a fan of extreme sporting challenges, on 31st July 2009 I broke two world records as part of the first and fastest pair to row unassisted land to land across the Indian Ocean in 102 days, 13 hours and 40 minutes. Read the account here.

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“If only all of our businesses were as organised and supportive as Streetscape!”

Daniel Rosen, Business Development Consultant, KEITS